Ny utställning av P-O Stoltz

Vår medlem, fotografen Per-Olof Stoltz, har vernissage med en ny utställning på Botaniska Trädgården den 12 juni. Utställningen utgår ifrån projektet Anne-Marie’s Herbarium.

Så här skriver Per-Olof om projektet på Lensculture

”A couple of years ago I found an old school herbarium in a secondhandstore here in my hometown, Gothenburg (Sweden). 
You know, dried, colorless plants taped on A3 paper. This one was from the 1930′s. 
Somewhere in my head there was the embryo of an idea. I was going to bring back as much as possible of the flowers old look. I scanned them in my old Epson 4870 flatbed scanner. With some tricks and adjustments I got the scanner, which is of the flatbed/film type, to scan as if it was big sheets of positive film.  And the rest is careful treatment in Photoshop. 

I’ve tried not to put colors in the plants, just merely lure out the colors that are hidden in those dried plants. It’s a fine line.  As I scanned my way through the plants, was I amazed of how much detail that was revealed. The scanner can make enormously large images, and sometimes it feels like I can see every little cell in those plants. And the backlighting makes that effect even more clear. 
Another side of the project is the question of who it was that made the herbarium. All it says in it is: Anne-Marie Petersson, Alafors. A name and a place. 
With help from people who knows how to look back in time, I’ve found out that she lived her whole life here. She got married rather late in her life. Took over her fathers weaving company. Didn’t get any children. And died in 2008. That’s just about all so far. But I’m digging on. After all, it’s an ongoing project.”



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